Saturday, 3 May 2008

Tips Of The Day (1)

Audit your office

Do a quick audit to see how green your office is (and could be) with Friends of the Earth Scotland's online audit tool at

Source: 'How Can I Stop Climate Change?', £12.99 (RRP £14.99),


Not sure what to do with corks? If you keep plants in pots in the house, you could put the corks in the bottom instead of the broken crockery that gardening experts suggest. Corks will encourage drainage as well as any crocks and will make the pots lighter to move around. Alternatively, corks are fine to compost - chop them up a bit to help them rot down more quickly.

Another corker

Following our recent tip about corks, Debby from Devon suggests another idea for re-using them. Make a hole in one end of a cork and put it on the end of bamboo plant supports to prevent eye injury. A lot more attractive and eco-friendly than the plastic caps you can buy.

Help find disappeared Colombian environmentalist

CENSAT Agua Viva (Friends of the Earth Colombia) need your help to secure the return of Jose Abelardo Salgado, an environmentalist who disappeared on 31 March 2008. Please send an email calling on the Vice President of Colombia, Dr. Francisco Santos Calder, to do everything in his power to ensure the swift return of Mr Salgado.


Shake and vac

Need to freshen up and remove odours from carpets or rugs but don't want to resort to chemical products? Simply sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda, leave for a couple of hours or overnight, then vacuum. For more natural cleaning solutions, visit

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